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Fucking kinship: procreation, marriage and queer desire in urban Congo
Thomas Hendriks
Polyamory. Loving More than One. A biographical portrait of non-monogamous relationship cultures
Sina Muscarina
“I don’t mind watching him cum”: Heterosexual Men, Threesomes, and the Erosion of the One-Time Rule of Homosexuality
Ryan Scoats
Non-conventional relationship choices for the over-sixties
John Button
Brick by Brick; Debates and practicalities you encounter when building a non-monogamous community.
Roos Reijbroek
Swinging in Portugal: reflections on sexual non-monogamy and emotional monogamy among couples
Maria Silva e Silvério
We do It Our Way! The Swinging Paradigm: Evaluating a possible paradigm change in the emotionally monogamous relationships.
Edward Manuel Fernandes, Jessica Wood
I do it my way: The relationship between self-determination and swinging satisfaction
Edward Manuel Fernandes
An Evaluation of the STI Profiles and safe Sex Practices of a Sample of Swingers
Edward Manuel Fernandes, George Gaither
Is Polygamy the Next Marital Rights Issue?
Janet Bennion
There are Vulvae around if you choose to see
Ann Antidote
Politics of Loving Many: The Role of Alternative Media in Polyamory Discourses
Megan Hurson
Kinship, Conversation, and Crisis: AIDS and the Persistence of Queer Community
Monica B Pearl
Non-Monogamous Experiences in Chinese Queer Comrades’ Marital Life
Jingshu Zhu
The Future Loves a Threesome: Polyamory and the Radical Potential of Science Fiction
Redfern Jon Barrett
Always Already (Non)Monogamous and (Con)Fused? – Queer Intimacy in Poland
Agata Stasińska, Joanna Mizielińska
'Infidelity', 'cheating' or a 'bit on the side'? Examining constructions of contemporary western experiences of extra-relational sexual involvement.
Shahin Payam, Panteá Farvid, Deborah Payne
Dodging dominant, de-humanising narratives: In life and in therapy.
Manja Visschedijk
Polyamory, Lesbianism and Sexual Fluidity: Polyamory as a Choice for Lesbian-Identified Women Exploring Sexual Relationships with Men
Karin Wandrei
Social changes and the transformations of kinship practices. An ethnographic approach of non-monogamous family in contemporary French speaking Europe.
Pierre-Yves Wauthier
Rules of the game in monogamous relationships
Mona Röhm
What is a family? Sexual and dependency ties in law and utopia
daniela danna
Power and Privilege: Consent and Abuse in Polyamorous Relationships and Communities
Lisa Poole
Mad Kate
Why Polyamory? Panel discussion and Q & A
Juliette Siegfried, Victoria Rosa, Folami Bayode
Living in a Successful Poly Family
Juliette Siegfried
Train-the-trainer workshop: Consensual relationships
Hannah Darvill, Meg-John Barker
The Asexual Slut: When compulsory monogamy meets compulsory sexuality
Patricia Macleod
Polyamory, Swinging, and New Forms of Family: Transgressive Subjectivities, Bonds of Love, Care, and Desire
Maria Silvério, Justyna Sempruch, Joanna Iwanowska, Alejandro Cervantes-Carson
90-min Intimacy: the Consumption of Intimacy in Modern Society
Chun Yang
Healing Together: Emotional Intimacy in Modern Indoor Sex Work
Alexis Bartlow
Collective parenthood: Poly networks and parenting practices
Cornelia Schadler
Polyamory in Israel
Leehee Rothschild
Compulsory Monogamy and the Polyamorous Existence
Leehee Rothschild
Polyamorous lives in Australia and the US
Nikò Antalffy
This, and other intimacies: a Psychosexological review of monogamy and its distractions.
David Hampson
“Ancient Future” for feminists: New imaginations on marriage from Minangkabau matrilineal society in Sumatra, Indonesia
Considerations When Choosing an Open Relationship Style
Victoria Rosa
Interactive Workshop: Negotiation skills (dilemmas, tools, and strategies)
Victoria Rosa Sturley, Folami Bayode
Bi Men by Women: women in relationships with bisexual men
Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli
“When I buy a round of drinks for others in a bar, a dozen attractive and successful men flatter me... But if they knew how I earned the money for the drinks, they would most likely regard me as scum”. Some ethnographic notes on the cosmobile gay escort
Peter Hörz
Minors' Prostitution Experiences in the Dominican Republic. 
Exploitation, Work and Game.
Mara Clemente
Contemporary intimacy research and associated activism: Researching and talking about baby boomers in friends-with-benefits relationships in Australia.
Linda Kirkman
Psychologization and pathologization of polyamory in Polish media
Katarzyna Grunt-Mejer, Weronika Chańska
“Asexy and we know it”: The emergence of asexual activism as a contemporary sexual and gender social movement.
Joseph De Lappe
Relationality and intimacy in Lisa Lindvay’s photographic series Hold Together
Agnese Sile, Aine Larkin
Polyamory: a qualitative analysis of an emergent social phenomenon
Giorgia Lorenzetti
Poly-Care between aspiration and reality
Michel Raab
No Flirting Allowed! The Association between Relationship Norms and Relationship Satisfaction
Myrte Esther Hamburg
Views on jealousy from non-monogamous people lived experiences and emotionalities in southern Brazil
Dardo Lorenzo Bornia Junior
Ménage à moi – A study on the representation of masturbation on mainstream television and film
Rita Alcaire
The Conceptual Enforcement of Compulsory Monogamy
Pepper Mint
The Acceptibility Tactics of Polyamory
Pepper Mint
The Love Story of KIM & DAVID - Part 4: Communion
Changing The Game to Break the Rules- Creating Radical Financial Structures as a Basis for Liberating Relationships
Hadas Marion Goldman
« Lutine », a 96 minutes-long docu-comedy on Polyamory, by Isabelle Broué
Isabelle Broué
Loving de/compositions: Non-monogamous love collages
Nollie Joy Nahrung
"Poly Politics": Are We Normal Yet?
Lisa Poole
Race, class and marginal intimacies in Australian public culture
Jessica Joan Kean
Sci-Fi Cruising: alternative intimacies through hybrid spaces
Klit Ters
Intersectional Me: A Personal Reflection on Intersectionality through Non-monogamy
Ana C Pires
Sexual Jealousy and Satisfaction with Sexual Agreements among Israeli Gay Male Couples
Ofer Fein, Nave Rappaport
The construction of consensually non-monogamous different-sex relationships in Lithuania
Darja Lyzenko
INTIMATE Panel: reframing coupledom through same-sex relational citizenship in Southern Europe
Ana Cristina Santos, Beatrice Gusmano, Tatiana Motterle, Pablo Perez Navarro, Luciana Moreira
Sexual Satisfaction and Distress in Sexual Functioning in a Sample of the BDSM Community: A Comparison Study Between BDSM and Non-BDSM Contexts
Patrícia Monteiro Pascoal, Daniel Santos Cardoso, Rui Henriques
Love after scarcity
Andreu Ballús Santacana
Ways of living Polyamory
Marta Mazanek
Alternating gender roles in sex work
Paula Sánchez Perera
Brazilian travestis as queer postcolonial subject: theoretical insights on intimacy and border thinking
Fernanda Branco Belizario
We are family? Negotiating intimate interpersonal relationships in social research
Boka En
‘I’m not that bisexual. I’m the other one.’ Queering straightness on
Aoife Sadlier
Defining “sex” in relationships without
Mercedes Pöll
At the crossroads of deviance: Gendered experiences of polyamorous women
Inês Ribeiro, Daniel Santos Cardoso
The Minority Report: The asexual community discusses its struggle to find acceptance
Rita Alcaire
Pornography and Psychoanalysis
Francisco Hertel Maiochi
Absence of sexual attraction as counter-hegemonic: the politics of asexuality
Rita Alcaire
Peace Research Village Tamera Model
Helena Lüdert
Polyamory: accident or purpose? The process of discovery of polyamorous identity
Fábio Mariano Borges
Historical European Non-Monogamies
Artyom Anikin
A discussion of Gender, Labels, and NMCI
Dawn Marie Davidson
From Polygyny to Polyamory: an Anthropological Study on Non-Monogamy in Brazil
Antonio Cerdeira Pilão
Meaning and mononormativity: incoherence, flexibility and relationship ‘significance’
Jessica Joan Kean
KISSable Agreements: Creating Empowering Relationship Structures for NMCI
Dawn Marie Davidson
Challenging the heterosexist dichotomist logic: bestiality in Carolee Schneemann and Joanna Rytel video pieces
Teresa Furtado
Cyber Infidelity: The New Seduction
Marlene Wasserman
Yes, we fuck! documentary: for a queer-crip sexuality
Andrea García-Santesmases
Not a recipe, but conditions of possibility for polyamory healthy practices: From feminist to beyond
Giazú Enciso
“Three (is not a crowd)”: a critical analysis of Tom Tykwer's polyamorous film Three
Nataša Pivec