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Ways of living Polyamory
Marta Mazanek

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Date: 2015-09-27 11:30 AM – 01:00 PM
Last modified: 2015-08-08


In my Master’s thesis in Cultural Studies in 2012  I gained new insides into polyamorous everyday life realities.


For my study I conducted five narrative interviews with people who lived in a polyamorous relationship to understand how “Polyamory” is being lived within different constellations in Germany. My approach in the interviews focused on the lived realities of polyamory and how they are constructed and experienced by the interviewees.

In a last step I compared fundamental issues found in the scientific literature with the individual perspectives, motives and conflicts gained from the interviews which led to several important topics in polyamorous relationships.


The motives of living in a polyamorous relationship are similar, most experience falling in love with another person while being allied to someone else.
Both time and space are important factors. They can help to avoid problems in polyamorous relationships or function as a limiting factor.
The ways in which hierarchies and jealousy occur and are felt individually form important themes in polyamorous relationships. But also further individually experienced problems and conflicts are mentioned.
Topics which were important issues in the interviews like children and future perspectives  seemed to be neglected in the scientific literature but led to a new insights of lived polyamory.
Maybe the most interesting issue of polyamory, I gained in my research, is the experience of an appreciated individual advancement, which goes along with the different challenges and the individual reflections the interviewees had and will have in their polyamorous relationships.