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Polyamory in Israel
Leehee Rothschild

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Date: 2015-09-27 06:30 PM – 08:00 PM
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It is said that queer and feminist trend tend to reach Israel only a decade or two after they have developed in the US and Europe. Thus, indeed, polyamory is a new phenomenon in Israel, and even more so a polyamorous movement.


Though pertaining to be liberal, the Israeli society is quite conservative and it is based on strong familial structures. Those, as well as the country's size and local isolation, have all shaped and affected the development of its polyamorous community. While a polyamorous community, or in fact several communities have come into being in Israel over the past decade, until recently they have been very limited to the margins of society. The Israeli poly circles were mostly comprised of geek, queer and spiritualist/nudist crowds, subversive of mainstream culture to begin with.

The paper, based on participatory field research will narrate the evolvement of the Israeli polyamorous community overviewing its progression, from people's initial experiences upon their first encounter of the term and experimenting with polyamory in small closed social groups, to the first mention of polyamory in Israeli media in 2007, through the development of poly groups and support circles, to the last year in which there was an outburtst of polyamorous events and an increasing visibility over the medias, as the community is starting to outgrow its marginal seclusion and tries to outreach to mainstream society. The paper will also highlight certain aspects unique to the the Israeli polyamorous experience, whether they derive from the cultural atmosphere, or from the semi-religious legal system, and the bypasses that have been developed around them.