Faculty of Social and Human Sciences (UNL) Conference System, 1st Non-Monogamies and Contemporary Intimacies Conference

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Brick by Brick; Debates and practicalities you encounter when building a non-monogamous community.
Roos Reijbroek

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Date: 2015-09-27 06:30 PM – 08:00 PM
Last modified: 2015-08-08


In a non-monogamous community, people can find shelter and relaxation they often can't find in the monogamous outside world. Yet not everyone finds an existing network that suits their needs. Often, there's no other option than to pioneer, Do It Yourself and create that moment in time and space that suits your needs.

But what do you and other non-monogamists around you actually need? How inclusive/exclusive would you like your community to be? How do you relate to different forms of activism? To what extend does your non-monogamous community overlap with other groups, such as BDSM or LGBTQIA? What can be pro's and con's of collaboration with other communities? How to get the word spread, while maintaining a safe space? Now that we talk about it, what does “safe space” mean to you? And an often forgotten topic; how far do you go to serve this community you're working so hard for?

Not preaching right or wrong, Roos Reijbroek MA will offer an overview of debates and practicalities she has come (and is still coming) across during the growth of her non-monogamous community De Meerminners, located in Utrecht, NL. She will help you sharpen your vision on what you and your (soon to be) community long for, combining utopian ideology with a hands-on approach.