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“I don’t mind watching him cum”: Heterosexual Men, Threesomes, and the Erosion of the One-Time Rule of Homosexuality
Ryan Scoats

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Date: 2015-09-26 02:30 PM – 04:00 PM
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This paper accounts for a qualitative research conducted on actual and 
hypothetical experiences of sexual threesomes, both with two women and one 
man (FFM), and two men and one woman (MMF). Semi-structured interviews 
were conducted with 30 gay-friendly, heterosexual, university attending, 
undergraduate men, in order to examine these experiences. Participants were 
drawn from a small, semi-urban university and in their second year of 
undergraduate study (mean age: 21.6; modal age: 20). A grounded theory 
approach to interview data analysis was followed. Data provided demonstrates 
that only a year-and a half into their university experience, seven of our 
participants had at least one FFM threesome, and five of our participants had at 
MMF threesome. For men with no threesome experience the data also 
demonstrated a cultural willingness for these heterosexual men to engage in not only FFM threesomes, but also MMF threesomes. This threesome experience is parcel to what we discuss as a cultural progression toward a more liberal, 
recreational culture of sexuality that encourages play and experimentation in 
lieu of procreative sexuality. Thus this research contributes to the growing body 
of literature showing that the cultural boundaries of heterosexuality is rapidly 
expanding for males, permitting more same-sex sexual contact without 
triggering the one-time-rule of homosexuality.